Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Write Content For Content Marketing?

I wish to give you a how-to guide in writing your content so you'll get positive response from your audience. Here's what you need to do:

Choose the best subjects to write. The process will always start by knowing what you're going to discuss. Instead of choosing topics based on your preference, consider the needs and demands of your target audience. Remember, you would want these people to read your content. To make well-informed decision, visit related blogs and forums to know the hottest issues that are being talked about by your potential clients. These are the best subjects for your articles.

Research. Before you start writing, I would suggest that you check out related articles that are already published in the online arena. You need to do this not to copy what's already out there but to figure out how you can set your content apart from the rest. Perhaps, you can write your chosen topics from different angles to make them more interesting.

Choose an attractive title. You can compare the title of your articles to a movie trailer as their function is pretty the same; to get people interested and get them to want for more. Given this, you need to ensure that your titles will do their job effectively. This will happen if they're attention-grabbing or better yet, if they're thought-provoking. At this point, you'll need to give your audience a compelling reason to read what you've written and you need to communicate that through your title/headline. Make your first paragraph compelling. Your readers will start forming impression on your article the moment they read your first paragraph. At this point, these people would want to know if your content is really worth their time and if they should read on until the end.

So, grab their attention and get them on the edge of their seats by making your first paragraph jaw-dropping. Tell these people ahead of time what they can expect to get and highlight the benefits. Use bullet points or number list. Discussing each of your ideas using bullet or numbers would actually help your audience easily digest the whole material. In addition, this will make your content a lot easier on the eyes. Spill the beans. Always remind yourself that impressing your readers is something that is non-negotiable and you can only make that happen by letting them in on your secrets. Let them have some insider tips and offer them with amazing techniques and in-depth information. It is through this that you can earn their trust which is a must in getting them to sign up to your newsletters. Keep it short and sweet. There's a reason why most articles, blog posts, and web content are made short - online users like them that way. So, don't even try to talk about different things when you're writing. Instead, pick a specific topic and stick to it. Then, discuss it thoroughly using 500-800 words.

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