Friday, March 9, 2012

How Building Traffic to the Articles You Write?

Often article marketing is thought of as a direct way to get customers to visit your website but many times you can use traffic generation strategies to build traffic to your articles. Building article traffic will help others to see your information in a different light and the added traffic will often catch the attention of the search engines. Articles that have been posted in article directories often show up on the first page of major search engines when the keyword or key phrase has been targeted correctly.

Article Marketing Builds Faster Through Article Traffic

Getting your article seen is often more important than people clicking through to your website in the early stages of your article marketing campaign. While this seems an odd statement, if you look at the number of views, the number of times an article is syndicated and how often it is referenced you will begin to see that in the long run having first-rate material associated with your name makes for better authority. Building authority with your articles should always be a main objective of why you publish them.

There are several ways to build article traffic and the first one is through telling your friends about it through email and social media. Let people know that you have been published. If you know even the smallest bit about connections then you know that everyone knows someone you do not know and they can spread your message in an ever-widening circle that can and will get you noticed.

Secondly you can use niche forums that your article applies too and become a member and post your article link in response to relevant questions. In fact, you can actually determine what people want to know in that forum, write an article that relates and then post it response. In this manner you get the notice of the members of the forum, the traffic to your article and if you are using forum signature, a back link and some traffic.

The last way to build your article traffic is through relevant blog commenting. By scanning a few related blogs (even competing blogs) you can find people who are asking questions or where your information may come in handy to those reading the blog. Making relevant posts and adding your article link will drive traffic to your article and to your website and the incremental link building comes as an added bonus.

Benefiting from Article Marketing Done Right

Using your ability to write articles and drive traffic to your site can be a powerful source of marketing that has actually made a lot of money for a lot of people on the Internet. Use this talent wisely and make your posts relevant. Do not go out and put a lot of unwanted comments in places that nobody wants to see them. When you join a forum be a responsible member and work with the other members to accomplish the goals of the forum. It is at this time that you will become a respected author and others will begin to see you as an expert worthy of their time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Make a Full Time Income Writing Articles?

Is it possible to make a full time income by writing articles for online distribution?

You bet it is, and I will share with you the five step process on how to do it.

Step 1:

You have to start by producing well-written, keyword rich articles that have wide appeal to the masses. Topics like how to make money online, how to lose weight fast, how to stop smoking instantly, how to improve your credit score, or how to get your ex back will all have wide appeal and attraction for which you will have a ready audience, whereas articles on how to stop toe nail growth will not get you a wide audience to read your products.

Step 2:

Write niche articles that appeal to website owners, bloggers, online marketers, email professionals, affiliate program owners, forum owners, and ezine owners. These people will consume everything you can produce and are a ready market for you to exploit. They will snap up your well written articles for their directories, websites, blogs, and other online tools which will then link up to you and provide you with instant and targeted traffic to your site through your well written resource box narrative. Directory owners will eagerly await your well-produced articles so that they can list them on their directory for others to access. Backlinks to your site will begin to appear regularly and with increased frequency as others continually link to your site. Bloggers and website owners will want to use your articles as content on their sites. Readers will access them and take note of what they say and collect them in a swipe file.

Step 3:

Write articles that appeal to those who have a problem that they need to solve such as how to lose weight, how to stop smoking easily, how to increase a credit score, how to lower cholesterol, how to fight diabetes, or any related topic. Content is king and original content will be snapped up by people searching for an answer to their problems if they feel what you write about may assist them.

Step 4:

Write articles that are pre-emptive of special occasions and address a specific need or solve a specific problem for readers at a specific time of year. For example, write about how to please a woman on Valentine's Day or what to buy her in early to late January so that you pre-empt the special occasion and take advantage of guys seeking to please their woman on that occasion and the products that they will target to do that. Write about the products to buy for a sport's enthusiast just before the Super Bowl in February or in early November write about buying gifts to take care of the Christmas shoppers. Write articles that speak to special occasions. For example you can write an article on what to buy for Graduation Day for the graduate who has just finished high school, College, or University and the products that they could review which carry your affiliate link of course. You can write an article about what to do for someone who has just retired from the workforce and gifts to bestow on them, which, if they buy through your link will earn you a commission. Other examples of special days include Confirmation Day, Bar Mitzvah Day, Wedding Day, and even death.

Step 5:

Write articles that are pre-emptive of the seasonal changes and take advantage of the new buying mood in the economy as seasons change. For example, you can write an article about how to get the greenest lawn in town just at the end of winter when people begin thinking of spring and lawn care issues and products. You can write about the advantages of the latest snow blower just at the end of September as the season begins to change and customers begin to think about winter.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Six Reasons Why Outsourcing Is Essential for Your Article Marketing

Lots of people think they can handle the writing of their marketing articles without outsourcing them. Unfortunately, for many business owners, writing your own marketing articles is not a realistic option for several reasons. While some people enjoy writing their own articles, others lack the time, skill or knowledge to create articles as well as experts or professional in article marketing. As such, the key reasons why it is critical to outsource your marketing articles are presented in this article.

1. You can save lots of time by outsourcing.

Think about the copious amounts of time you would spend if you individually needed to write dozens of articles a day just to keep your pages ranked high in Google searches. If you are running more than one website especially, you will need to free up your time by outsourcing the writing of your marketing articles. This time can be better spent working on new projects, developing the strategy for your website or blog and responding to issues, questions and concerns that present themselves throughout the course of your day.

2. A stress reduction tool for poor writers or English speakers.

Writing is not everyone's strength so outsourcing your writing can be a great way to focus on your strengths. Thankfully, new technology has allowed for an abundance of article marketing writers who are able to serve the needs of any site owner. If you are not a strong writer, it will show through in your content as it will be engaging and attractive to readers when compared to a seasoned pro. If you want to grow your traffic and create a site that visitors want to return to, you need to ensure the content is of the highest quality since there is so much competition on the Internet.

3. You can have an article written by an expert on that topic.

If you want to drive web traffic to your site, it's critical that your site is different from others and has credibility. A great to achieve credibility for your website is by finding people within the community who are knowledgeable or regarded as having expertise in a particular area. When these experts contribute to your website, they will help you to drive more traffic and will bring you a new audience.

4. Outsourcing article marketing services can be very cost efficient.

Thanks to the rise of global contract work, it is very easy to get your articles written for a very cheap rate. These days, article marketing can be done at a surprisingly affordable cost through high quality firms.

5. Save money since you don't need full-time staff.

If you are currently employing full-time writers, outsourcing will save you lots of money as you no longer require to pay wages, benefits and other fees on a regular basis to maintain and retain your employees and their happiness.

6. A sizable workforce is available at all times.

The Internet has enabled people to access the labor they need at any time of day. You can search for article marketing outsourcing specialists at any time of day or night to ensure you have articles at your finger tips as soon as you need them.