Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Write Content For Content Marketing?

I wish to give you a how-to guide in writing your content so you'll get positive response from your audience. Here's what you need to do:

Choose the best subjects to write. The process will always start by knowing what you're going to discuss. Instead of choosing topics based on your preference, consider the needs and demands of your target audience. Remember, you would want these people to read your content. To make well-informed decision, visit related blogs and forums to know the hottest issues that are being talked about by your potential clients. These are the best subjects for your articles.

Research. Before you start writing, I would suggest that you check out related articles that are already published in the online arena. You need to do this not to copy what's already out there but to figure out how you can set your content apart from the rest. Perhaps, you can write your chosen topics from different angles to make them more interesting.

Choose an attractive title. You can compare the title of your articles to a movie trailer as their function is pretty the same; to get people interested and get them to want for more. Given this, you need to ensure that your titles will do their job effectively. This will happen if they're attention-grabbing or better yet, if they're thought-provoking. At this point, you'll need to give your audience a compelling reason to read what you've written and you need to communicate that through your title/headline. Make your first paragraph compelling. Your readers will start forming impression on your article the moment they read your first paragraph. At this point, these people would want to know if your content is really worth their time and if they should read on until the end.

So, grab their attention and get them on the edge of their seats by making your first paragraph jaw-dropping. Tell these people ahead of time what they can expect to get and highlight the benefits. Use bullet points or number list. Discussing each of your ideas using bullet or numbers would actually help your audience easily digest the whole material. In addition, this will make your content a lot easier on the eyes. Spill the beans. Always remind yourself that impressing your readers is something that is non-negotiable and you can only make that happen by letting them in on your secrets. Let them have some insider tips and offer them with amazing techniques and in-depth information. It is through this that you can earn their trust which is a must in getting them to sign up to your newsletters. Keep it short and sweet. There's a reason why most articles, blog posts, and web content are made short - online users like them that way. So, don't even try to talk about different things when you're writing. Instead, pick a specific topic and stick to it. Then, discuss it thoroughly using 500-800 words.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips on How to Convert Prospects to Buyers From Content Marketing

Every internet marketer hopes to convert every visitor to paying client. In order to make this happen, they're using different techniques. Others would offer freebies while others would create a sense of urgency. Sadly, some techniques fall short. If you want something that is truly effective, I would suggest the use of content marketing. It is the process of giving out free information to accomplish 2 things; get your readers to like you and second, to earn their trust which is the most important element when you're convincing them to do business with you.

Here's the truth; nobody will buy based on the attractiveness of your ads. Online users require more than that before they swipe their credit cards. What you can do is to slowly build relationship with them. Find where they usually go when they're online and provide answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

Here's an example; if you're selling coaching programs about making money through freelance writing, you need to show your prospects that you know the ins and outs of this field. Answer their questions as to how they can get started and teach them how to find their clients. Give them tips on how to avoid scammers and techniques on how they can outshine their competitors. You also need to give them proof that you're successful in this field so you can convince them that you've got relevant experience. Once you've done all of that, you have at least 75% of getting these people to buy whatever it is that you sell.

Below are some content marketing tips to help you convert more prospects to buyers:

Make it fun to read. Sometimes, no matter how informative your content is, people will still not be moved to take action if they're bored or if they fell asleep while reading what you've written. So, write with the aim to entertain these people as well. Write using conversational tone, use humor, and tell relevant stories when and as needed. Also, ask questions and strive to engage your readers whenever possible.

Make it easy on the eyes. You cannot afford to make your content painful on the eyes. Look at the pages of an old encyclopedia and tell me if you're going to read them. You need to make your content readable and scannable. What I mean is that you write using short paragraphs and number list. It is through this that you can get more people to read your content until the end where you'll usually put your call to action.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Content Marketing

Content marketing is definitely the way to go when you're selling any type of item in the online arena. The idea here is to attract people by addressing their learning needs. There's no doubt that they will pay attention if you give them free solutions to their problems or when you impart tips and techniques on how to solve their problems. Internet marketers know this that's why, they strive to publish new content every single day to update their blog, to offer something new on newsletters, and they discuss fresh topics on their seminars. The common problem is, most of these people are getting to that point of saturation where they feel that they've given every piece of information they know. When that happens, they usually leave their blog and they just stop writing. You can't just afford to do this. The moment you stop providing your prospects with information is the day that your ebusiness will die.

The question here is, what's the best thing to do. My answer? Content curation.

Unlike what other people might tell you, content curation isn't about grabbing content from other blogs or websites and declaring that it's yours. It's also not about combining low quality articles or videos and posting them on your blog or website. It's the process of researching and putting together content (written by other people who are industry experts) that is extremely important, informative, entertaining, and related to the products that you sell. And then, giving it your personal take.

Let me give you an example so you'll get a very clear idea.

If you're looking for information about making money online for example, research the keywords that are constantly used by your target audience to find articles, blog posts, videos, PDF files, and other related links. Then, start writing your content with an introduction telling your readers what your content is all about and what they can find on those links that you're using. End your content by giving your readers your opinion or your personal take. Just ensure that you inform those people who own those resources that you're going to use their content and that you're going to link to their website and blog. Don't worry, they'll love it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Four Reasons Why You Should Go Ahead and Use It

A lot of people say that article marketing has died the day Google Panda update was launched. Well, I beg to disagree. Article marketing remains to be one of the most efficient ways to distribute information in the online arena. If you've been publishing nothing but high quality content, the panda update wouldn't be a bother at all.

Still skeptical to use it? Well, here are the reasons why you should go ahead and dive in:

It's cost-effective. Article marketing can give you the kind and amount of traffic that you need in order to boost your sales and revenue. But unlike PPC advertising and other paid advertising tools, you don't need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to make this happen. If your articles are really good and if they're properly optimized, they'll show up on relevant search page results just like PPC ads. However, the good part is, you will not be billed by search engines each time your articles are clicked and open by online users.

It's a great tool for building a good reputation online. One of the things that you must accomplish when running an online business is building a good reputation which can be everything in the field of internet marketing. You see, before online users will do business with you, they'll check your track record first. They would want to see if you're really an expert and somebody that they can trust. Writing articles will help you demonstrate your in-depth knowledge in your niche. Sometimes, that's more than enough to earn respect in the online arena.

It's a good link-building tool. You cannot survive online unless you have lots of links pointing to your website. Each link will help you convince Google that your site is a good source of information. Aside from spending hours and days convincing top webmasters to link with you, you can easily create inbound links by getting your articles published on directories and top blogs. Bloggers these days are open about guest blogging. This means, you can post your articles on their blogs and they'll give you link for your website. Do this at least once a day and you'll get 365 links in one year. That would be more than enough to boost your page ranking.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Essential Skills for the Online Writing Professional?

If you want to have a successful career in online writing, it pays to develop the right set of skills. First of all, it is important to have excellent writing ability, but you will need more than that. You will have to know something about search engine optimization, or SEO for short, because many clients are looking for writers with knowledge of SEO. You may also have to learn social media writing skills.

Online Writing Style Tips

The first thing you need to do is to master the art of online writing. That means that first of all, you need to know your audience. Internet readers tend to scan a lot of information quickly. If they see your article, they need to get the gist of it in a few lines. A descriptive headline will help a lot. In fact, you should write like a journalist, emphasizing the who, what, when, where, and why.

Know the Importance of SEO

The next step is to study SEO strategy and tactics. You will be able to get online writing jobs even without knowing SEO, but knowledge of it will bring you greater opportunities. Most clients are looking for content that will drive up the web traffic to their sites, so they apply SEO techniques when generating their content. If they decide to hire a writer, they will prefer someone who is already familiar with the requirements of working within an SEO framework. So if you have knowledge of SEO, your client will have more confidence in your ability to produce the type of content that is demanded.

Learn These SEO Writing Tips

Search engine optimization is a vast subject, and one that is not limited to writing, but you can get started with these few tips. First, you need to understand how to use keywords. These are words or phrases that people type into search engines to find articles. You want them to find your article, so you must think of the keywords they will use to find it. Be sure to use the keywords in the title of your article. You should also use them in the text, but avoid loading the article with keywords. Instead, limit each keyword to no more than 5% of the total word count.

Develop Your Social Media Writing Skills

There is a lot of demand in the online writing marketplace for SEO experts, but there is also a growing demand for professionals with social media writing skills. Companies are relying more and more on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote and market their brands and products. So companies are in need of skilled writers who have a feel for social media. Because your audience must choose to follow you, you need to be able to engage readers and build relationships through your writing. You have to be able adapt your writing to fit within the parameters of the network you are using. Learn to do that, and your online writing skills may soon be in high demand.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easy Ways to Articles That Convert

Article marketing is still one of the best content marketing solutions. The secret to get exactly what you want is writing amazing, exceptional articles. Don't have a clue on how to do that? Then, read on for tips and techniques.

Start by choosing the right topics. You don't necessarily need to talk about rocket science or calculus to impress your audience and to convince them that you're an intelligent person. In order to capture their attention, you need to choose topics that they find interesting or better yet, useful. And in order to benefit from this endeavor, you need to ensure that your chosen topics are related to your niche and that discussing them will help you demonstrate your expertise in your niche.

Offer useful information. Before you start tapping on your keyboard, commit yourself to not just educating your readers but also in helping them out. What I mean is, instead of giving them general information on say, Forex, why not give them a useful guide on how they can go about it. Doing so will not only help you convince these people that you're knowledgeable but that you've got related experience as well.

Outline your thoughts and ideas. Have you ever found yourself stuck not knowing what ideas to discuss next or wasted so much time in the end re-organizing your ideas just because your content doesn't flow smoothly? Well, you can avoid that from happening by simply creating an outline. List down the information that you're going to discuss and just arrange them based on their importance. Creating an outline will also help you limit the scope of your content so you can save time and energy along the way.

Keep it short and simple. Making your articles like boring speeches or lengthy essays will not do your campaign any good. Remember, this is now the time when everything is instant and when everybody is always in a hurry. So, don't waste their time and do not bore them by simply making your articles brief and concise.

Ensure the uniqueness of your articles. There's no way that you can get away with copied content especially now that article directories and Google are using much more sophisticated anti-duplication tools. So, don't even think about copying even a part of other articles, blog posts, and other online resources.

Use conversational tone. One of the reasons why people are reading web articles is because they're much fun to read compare to traditional books and other offline resources. Write as if you're there talking to your readers. Address them using first person pronouns, insert humor when appropriate, ask questions, and tell related stories. It is through this that you can entertain them and put them at ease at the same time.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Should You Choose SEO Article Content Writing Packages?

If you are new to building websites and have not used SEO article content writing services before, you might be wondering if you should go for a complete package or just a sample copywriting service. After all the changes in the search engine indexing and ranking in the past few years, you will need a professional, who knows not only the right type of content, your topic, but the tips and tricks of SEO article content writing. You can get articles for literally a few bucks anywhere, but if they do not get you quality visitors, there is no point taking advantage of these cheap offers.

How to Choose a SEO Article Content Writing Provider
Before you choose your search engine optimization content package, you need to first find a reliable and knowledgeable SEO article writer. Indeed, there are literally thousands of services out there, and it is hard to find the right one for your needs. It is always a good idea if you drop them an email before you make a decision, ask about the special customized SEO article packages and request samples. If the company is professional, they would look through your existing website and provide you with some free suggestions. They will also either tell you about the most suitable SEO content writing package, or build a custom-made one for your needs. If you come across a professional SEO article content writer, it does not really matter if you don't know what you need yet.

Which SEO Content You Need
Once you have been given information about the different packages., you will need to choose the type of content you need. Depending on your website, you might need blog posts, informative articles, press releases or link building services. Your site needs to be updated regularly, to rank high for the targeted keywords, and simply adding some optimized SEO content will not make you get on the first page. This is why professional SEO writers will give you a complete strategy, instead of individual prices for pieces of content. If you communicate clearly what you would like to achieve with the article and content marketing service, they can work on your personal goals.

How to Order Your SEO Article Packages
If you are ready to complete your order, you might be better off to ask for a written proposal and the terms and conditions. You can order a monthly SEO article content writing service, as it might take a couple of months to get you the right results. You can save some money this way, too. Another option is to get a SEO package and, based on the results, proceed with the monthly service later. No matter which option you choose, you need to trust the SEO article writer and be patient to see results. Make sure that you ask about guaranteed CopyScape pass and proof of correct grammar. You can only get your site ranked high with unique SEO article content and blog posts published on your site.