Saturday, December 31, 2011

Article Marketing Four Warning Signs

Article Marketing has become increasingly more challenging in a world of competitive article rankings. Simply cranking out some sub-standard articles, with a weak search engine optimiszation (SEO) strategy combined with back-links just isn't enough anymore to get your article on the front page of the search engine result pages (SERPs). The design and content of the article are just as important at bringing in the readers, as is the Resource box in helping to drive the high click-through rates higher. The world of article marketing has evolved into a highly competitive arena of ideas and competition and exposition for your website.

So what are the warning signs that you should look out for to prevent a poorly ranked article? What are the key areas you should focus to ensure your article does not fall down the pecking order? Let's take a look.

1. Most articles run into difficulties in keeping the readers glued to their article and eventually clicking on resource box when they incorporate bad writing habits into their article. The result is that instead of attracting new customers, the article writer pushes his 'Prospects' away. For instance, article writers tend to over-sensationalize an article. Although the intention is to generate the interest of the reader, over-sensationalism and too many adjectives can cause the reader to feel it is almost unbelievable and imaginary. Hence, the reader begins to instead question his trust in the author's sincerity of the article, and may feel uninspired to click on that Resource box.

2. Another warning sign of a poor article is the over usage of keywords in an article. As paradoxical as it may sound, a very high keyword density in an article causes it to have a lower ranking in the SERPs. It is therefore important that you keep the keyword density at the optimum level, ideally considered to be around 5-10%

3. Don't fall into the criteria of simply producing low quality articles for the purposes of maintaining a high volume of articles. Always maintain quality standard in your work even of your volume of work must be reduced as a consequence. Your readers will appreciate you more for your effort and knowledge of your niche rather than for how many weak articles you publish. The key is to optimise between quality and volume.

4. Beware of the layout. If your article is poorly formatted, with no logical breaks or headings, it will be difficult to read the article. The potential danger here is a high bounce rate. Use headlines, sud-headings, and bold texts to help your readers find the parts of the article that they may be interested in. Having a clear layout is a sure fire way to keep the reader reading!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crucial Article Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Article writing services have become very popular these days. More and more organizations and websites are approaching article writing services to write their content. This is because they realize that these are professional writers and they have the knack to attract reader attention.

To build up a good article writing service, it is imperative your articles give factual information. Any deviation from this can mar the reputation of an organization. Hence, an article writing service needs to provide well researched and authentic information to its client. This builds their reputation and goes a long way in giving confidence to the people who hired you.

Another important thing that an article writing service should remember is to use simple and grammatically correct English. Slovenly or chaotic writing can ruin their chances in the market. Simple sentences that are short yet meaningful are largely welcomed by readers.

Hence, websites always buy articles that use simple sentences, and simple words with no grammatical errors. Also, the content of these articles must be to the point with no false information.

These kinds of articles are in demand today. Grandiose sentences may look impressive but an article with factual errors, incorrect grammar and long and boring sentences is ultimately a huge setback.

One more important thing an article writing service should avoid is extolling a company for promoting it. This is viewed by a reader in wrong light. No one wants to be forced into forming an opinion.

The content should be so captivating and authentic that the reader should unknowingly form a positive opinion about a particular company or website. If the article written by an article writing service keeps singing the praise of a company, it will not be very long before the reader exits from that website.

A professional writer knows to discuss the advantages and assets of an organization without getting very personal and forceful. Remember that the readers can bring or stop traffic to a particular site. Give them enough space to understand what you are trying to convey in your article.

As a good article writing service if you remember these salient points, you are sure to get noticed by organizations that require your services. Today, when the demand for good article writers is so huge, it will be very beneficial to you if you can write interesting, captivating and grammatically correct articles.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How To Get A First Page Spot On The Search Engines?

It is very important to know if you are using article marketing how to get your articles ranked high on the 1st page of Google and the other top search engines.

If you can not get your article on the first page of the search engines for a certain keyword related to your niche then you have just wasted your time.

If your not on the 1st page you might be lucky and get a few visitors to see your article but it will be a very small amount, what most people do when searching on Google for something is they will see the 1st page and click on the first 3 results that show up and maybe wonder down the first page and click on a some of the results lower down.

Overall the 1st page is the place to aim for with your articles, but the first 3 spots are what you should aim for as this is where the highest percentage of traffic visit.

Firstly once you have your article written and you have your keyword that you want to go after.

You should have your keyword in the title, article summary, first paragraph, 2 or 3 places throughout the body, the last paragraph and use your keyword in anchor text links twice in the resource box if there is one available.

After that it is time to either submit it to an authority site like EzineArticles as an example or one of the other free article publishing sites and to your website or blog.

You should always have your articles in at least 2 places and have 2 unique versions of your article so that is not duplicate content because Google won't rank duplicate content so you will have wasted your time.

The next thing to do once your article gets approved is to promote it and get back links, you need to get as many back links as you can, this is the most important part to know if you are using article marketing how to get ranked on the 1st page of the search engines.

Back linking is when there is a link pointing back to your site and the more back links you can get the better.

TribePRO, this is the way forward for getting social media votes where you can auto syndicate people and they can do the same for you and this will get you hundreds even thousand of social media votes in minutes and Google counts this as quality, it really is an amazing system.

There are a few other paid tools you can use but these are the tools I personally use and would not be without.

There's also a fantastic tool you can use for keyword research "Market Samurai" and this is a vital tool that makes searching for certain keywords easy along with a load of other great options it provides.

How Duplicate Content Explained?

If you have been writing for any length of time, you may have come across the term duplicate content. No two words create such uneasy feelings in writers, bloggers and marketers than the words "duplicate content."

With the emphasis on quality content in article writing, YouTube videos, reports and blog posts, the issue of duplicate content never seems to get a real explanation.

Duplicate content is a fairly simple subject, but the myths surrounding it lead us to believe it is something to be feared. We hear stories of what not to do, how we should spin our articles before we submit them to articles directories or anywhere else. How we need to change a certain percentage of the words to make it not duplicate content.

I'll debunk duplicate content in a moment, but first, let's start with the source...

I'll use the example of the news services - the Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg - the end all be all of NEWS, right?

These organizations all operate on one premise - to distribute the news in a pre-written format. They write the newsfeeds and thousands upon thousands of websites pick up the newsfeeds. In other words, it is published everywhere.

And none of it is re-written; it is published exactly as-is with a reference to the source.

This is called syndicated content.

According to Wikipedia "Syndication means the websites providing information and the websites displaying it. For the receiving site, content syndication is an effective way of adding greater depth and immediacy of information to its pages, making it more attractive to users. For the transmitting site, syndication drives exposure across numerous online platforms."

So when you consider a site like or or any of the other thousands of article submission sites, what you are doing is syndicating your content to them.

Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Market Your Freelancing Services As a College Student

As a starting college student, generating credibility or expertise in a given field is an uphill drive. You don't have the little paper with cute calligraphy that guarantees your completed degree, and as such, you are nobody.

Or are you?

Pardon me, folks, but I beg to differ! In fact, if you are majoring in any communications related major, you've got it easier than other college students. Why? For the simple fact that you don't need to worry about the dangers of a miscalculation that could cause a bridge to collapse or prescribing the wrong drug that could kill your patient.

As a communications major-be it journalism, creative writing, film, broadcasting, or even art-the worse that can happen is not having your project turn out as nicely as you hoped it would. And even that is solved by spending a little extra time perfecting the little details of your print article, interactive graphic, or film. Or worst case scenario, re-doing it.

But I'm getting off track. Can you, as an undergrad college student, create an expert platform so as to start generating income? Yes! And I'm not talking about a non-paying internship. I'm talking about marketing yourself!

Marketing, you say? I know, I sounds like such a big, scary word. It really isn't. Here, let me give you a simple definition of what marketing entails:

Selling your services + Getting your name known= $$$

There, now that wasn't that complicated, was it? The real question here is how to get your name out there. Google comes to mind. High page ranks on your personal blog or website. Any of this ringing a bell? It should. We've discussed in previous posts how to get your first freelance writing assignment and how to keep up a professional blog that will in essence become your online portfolio. Now all you have to worry about is generating traffic and getting quality back links to your site.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to focus on 3 things:

1) Blog/Personal Website:

You need to get your name out there. A professional blog and/or website will become your online portfolio that will brand you as a competent worker. Focus on generating traffic, high page ranks, and quality back links to your site.

2) Submit E-zine/Hub Page articles:

Article submission is free and quite simple. Every article can have 1 or 2 back links to the author's personal or affiliate site. Eventually having a number of these out there will help your name to have higher page rankings in Google. And isn't that what we all want?

3) Submit a press release at

Once you have some freelance experience under your belt (whether freelance work done for a local newspaper or blogging site), you can send out a press release detailing your company services. Because as a freelancer, you are the boss of your freelancing company!

Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Tips for Improving Your Web Page Ranking

There are several ways to improve your page rankings. Here are five of the most popular tips:

1. Conduct research to see where your page ranks

You want to be number one. Take note of your page ranking and who is above you. Go to their websites and see what they are offering or what they have that you don't. Keep in mind, there's always room for improvement and there are many strategies you can implement to improve your page ranking. Use Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends to identify keywords. You might also want to use Google Analytics to track and analyze data to see how people are getting to your site and what pages are performing best.

2. Evaluate your competition

By researching what others are doing, you'll be able to see what higher-ranking web pages have on them, and what you can do to improve your own. In addition to Google Trends, there are two sites that can help you in your quest to discover what your competitors are doing online. SpyFu is a resource for determining the keywords and Adwords your competitors are buying. Google Alerts can help you see what your competitors are doing.

3. Revise your content

Few people like change, but if your website isn't built around how people search, you'll need to revise it. Yes, that's going to cost some money and/or effort, but having a site that is persuasive, branded, easy to navigate, and socially active is key to success in today's competitive market. A good starting point is determining what you want your site to do. Are you directly selling goods or services? Are you using your site to generate leads? Maybe you're only providing contact information. The point is to be clear so that your customers and prospects know what you want them to do.

4. Develop a list of keywords and phrases

This is the list you'll hand to the freelance writer who is providing you with an ongoing supply of fresh and relevant content. When it comes to articles, relevance is critical. If your content is full of useful and current information that delivers what people are actually searching for, then your prospective customers will be more likely to stay on your site and respond to your call to action.

5. List your business

Be sure your website is listed with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can hire a company to do this for you, or you can check out and use the submission tool for free (actually, he would prefer receiving a reasonable donation). You can also create a free listing for your local business on Google, Yahoo and Bing. That way your business can show up on a map when people do a local search.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seven Things to Consider Before Submitting Your Articles to Article Directories

Article directories are websites that accept and publish articles from the public. Submitting articles to these directories comes with a lot of advantages. You can use them as sources of traffic and back links to your site. In this article we're going to look into 7 things you should consider or do before submitting your article to an article directory.

1. Make good use of the resource box

Articles submitted to article directories usually have a resource box that comes at the end of the article. The resource box is where the writer can promote his/her business and put links to his website. The number of words permitted in the resource box is usually limited so you have to make good use of it.

Always use your resource box to make a strong call to action. The most effective call to action is offering of free report, free ebook or any free stuff. The free stuff you offer must be related to the theme of the article. For example if you write an article on how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you can offer your reader a free affiliate marketing training ebook if they visit your site and sign up.

How well you make use of the resource box is what determines whether readers will click through to your website or not.

2. Number of links in the resource box

Most article directories do not usually allow links in the body of the article. Where they'll normally let you place your links is in the resource box (also called the signature box). The body of the article is your give while the resource box is your take. Some will allow you to put up to 3 links in this place while others will allow only two. Also, most of the article directory won't allow you to link to a particular page more than once (i.e. duplicate links are not allowed). Ignoring any of these rules can lead to rejection of your article.

3. Editorial Guideline

This is probably the first page to read when you visit an article directory. It contains all the guidelines you need to follow before submitting an article.

If you don't want your articles to be rejected or your account terminated, make sure that you read and understand the editorial guideline of all the article directory you register with. The editorial guideline contains information that range from the type of topics that won't be accepted, the number of links allowed in the resource box and many other important information.

4. Can you post your article to other websites?

Most article directories will allow you to republish your articles on other sites. This is called content syndication and there is nothing wrong with it. However, you just have to make sure that you are the sole copyright owner of the article and it contains no plagiarized content.

5. Page Rank

This is an important factor you must consider as you submit your articles to article directories. Page rank is a way Google use to measure the quality of a website and the value range from 1 to 10. The higher the value of a site's page rank, the higher the quality of the site. In order to award page rank to different websites Google use various criteria like the number and page rank of the websites linking to the website in question. So the page rank of a website is determined by the number of sites linking to it and the page rank of those site.

To improve the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign, always submit your articles to directories that have high page rank of about 3 and above.

6. Dofollow vs nofollow links

First, let me explain what is nofollow links and what is dofollow links. Nofollow links are links that have the nofollow attribute embedded in the html code of the link. That is, the link code contains something like this: rel="nofollow" or rel="external nofollow". When search engines like Google come across such links, they won't recognize it as giving any link juice, meaning that the site that link is pointing to won't get any page rank value from the link. On the other hand dofollow links are just the opposite of nofollow links. They are just normal links without the nofollow attribute and Google consider them as adding value to the site they're pointing to.

From the explanation so far, you'll see that it is better to submit your articles to directories that give you dofollow links. This is because writing articles isn't that easy, so you have to make sure that you gain maximum benefit from every article you write.

Most article directories will offer you dofollow links in the resource box. Only a few article directories like articlebase will offer nofollow backlinks in the resource box. Articlebase will offer you 3 nofollow links in the article body and 3 nofollow links in the resource box.

7. Alexa Rating

The Alexa rating is a popular way of estimating how much traffic a website is getting. A low Alexa rating for a website indicates high traffic and vice versa. So in your article marketing campaign you may decide to submit your articles to high traffic directories so as to stand a chance of getting some visitors to your site. To check the alexa rating of any site, go to and type in the URL of the site.

Below are examples of high page ranked article directories:

1. Brighthub PR6

2. PR5

3. Ideamarketers PR5

4. Sooperarticles PR5

5. Articlecity PR5

6. Articletrader PR5

7. Articleblast PR5

8. Pr5

9. Evancarmichael PR5

10. Isnare PR5

11. Articledashboard PR5

12. Infobarrel PR4

13. Pubarticles PR4

14. Ezinemark PR4

15. Thisisfreelance PR3

16. Goarticles PR3

After evaluating all the points mentioned above, you'll be able to know the best directories to submit your article to for maximum traffic.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Article Marketing Secret

Article marketing has become one of the cheapest and most effective ways of reaching out to others on the Internet. Since the inception of the World Wide Web, it has been almost single handedly responsible for the rise of the online marketer. Giving others something to read while they are at work or home, which may be able to enrich their lives in some way has been responsible for more than its fair share of millionaires. The key is in knowing what people want to read on the Internet, and how to catch their attention.

To do that, you need to know how to write a good article. Articles may seem simple on the surface, but the science behind them is a little more complicated. For starters, what makes for a good print read may not necessarily get the job done on a computer screen. Long, literary feature pieces on local personalities, professional athletes, and famous celebrities, may be great for the magazine or book, but they don't fulfill the right need online.

Attention spans run much shorter online. Usually, people don't want to read more than 800 words in one sitting. If you can get quality material across to the public in less, then by all means do so. For many, 500 words is the sweet spot. But beyond that, your content must not waste verbiage. It has very little time to work, so the things that it reveals must be dished out in a manner that is easily accessible to even the passing reader. Get right to the meat of the matter, and tell people what they want to know without getting too wrapped up in long description.

Furthermore, present the content in a pleasing way to the eyes. If your article consists of only one 500 word paragraph, you are liable to turn a lot of people off. Take that same article and break it up into multiple paragraphs, though, and the same people who are clicking away from you will likely stop and see what you have to say.

The secret ingredient that all your articles should consist of is passion. Without passion, you will come across as a talentless hack. Someone who is just filling a word count to try and attract attention from the search engines. While that may have bolstered your ranking in the beginning stages of article marketing, search engines have grown far more advanced in their selection criteria for the top pages.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To Get More Traffic By Utilizing Article Promotion?

The most crucial element for just about any internet business is always how to get more traffic aimed at your website. With little or no visitors on your web site you cannot be anticipated to make any sales given that no one is conscious of your goods or services. Insufficient site visitors on your website can be compared to a shop that by no means attracts anybody enough to venture in and check out their products. How then can the owner of the store be expected to make any sales without any someone to target? The only option for this type of person is to find ways in which to convince the customers to play and study some time. Only then can a customer watch a product which he or she may want to buy. Online marketing operates in the same way. One can simply be expected to make a sale to someone who is currently conscious of your products.

Article marketing is a popular way on how to get more traffic. It's employed largely by both world wide web and online marketers. The concept is to get more traffic by writing and submitting articles skilfully including a link to your website in the article. This article is then submitted to free online article directories. Individuals will then browse the post. If the content material raises their curiosity, they'll use the offered connect to go to your site and for that reason improve your visitors steadily. When you get visitors to your site, you'll then obviously have the possibilities of making plenty of sales.

One more use in which article promotion can be used in how to get more traffic to your website is your articles will rank in to search engines like Google. If your articles happen to be what the consumers are looking for and you've got utilised market and keyword research efficiently, your articles might be ranked higher than other individuals within the search results.

Article promotion has numerous benefits especially targeting the consumers and prospects that you simply need, this then ultimately creates a highly successful business. The great thing is it is also totally free. Which means that it can save you the money for other methods or tools that you may have been thinking about making use of. Article promotion is definitely an uncomplicated method compared to other methods on how to get more traffic. You can now write the articles for you personally should you do not want to write the articles yourself.

Article marketing is continuing to grow extremely popular within the last couple of years, not just since it is totally free, it also is impressive. When being asked the question how to get more traffic this strategy is definitely the way to go. The program would be to make you enough cash so that you can invest in other online marketing tools that will enhance your earnings. The only real downside is the reality that this isn't something which may happen overnight.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Web Marketing Strategies

ou may have heard that article marketing is one of the best web marketing strategies, one of the best ways to build credibility for your business, build traffic to your site and help your rank in the search engines, but are still unsure of exactly what article marketing is.

Simply put, article marketing is writing short articles on a topic of interest to people who would be interested in your products and services, then posting them on one of the article directories, such as EzineArticles. The articles do not need to be long. In fact, around 400 words is a perfect length. In that amount of space, you can present good information to the reader and present yourself in a good light so the reader will want to know more about you.

Be conscious of what information people will be searching for when deciding on topics for you articles. You can do research at Google; simply search for Google Keyword Tool. It is a great resource and is free to use. Find search phrases that people are using to find information on the Internet. When you have found one or two that has reasonable amount of usage, use that phrase in the title of your article, in the first paragraph of the article and once or twice throughout the article. This way, when people are searching for information on that subject, there is a much better chance they'll find your article.

Having good information is vital. If someone reads your article and it is just an advertising for your services, they won't be interested at all. (In fact, most of the article directories will reject that type of article. That makes sense. They want useful content on their site.) The place to talk about you and your business is in the "resource box" at the bottom of the article.

Just like a good article will make the reader want to know more about you, a good resource box will make them click through to see what you have to offer. In the resource box, include a bit of information about you and or your company, and offer something of value if they click on the link to your site, such as a free report, video or audio with more information on the topic.